Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whistleblower David Bell Tells His Story of Unsafe Work Conditions, Lack of Biotech Worker’s Rights and Acquired Illness after Working at Agraquest

After an exposure to a mysterious biological material labeled, AQ153 in January 1999 at a biotech company called Agraquest, David Bell and all his co-biotech lab workers became ill to the point that the laboratory had to be temporarily closed. David Bell unfortunately lapsed into a serious illness requiring several life-saving surgeries. He remains chronically ill today and believes Agraquest should be held responsible.

His story depicts the dangers in the biotech industry and the unsafe work conditions imposed upon biotech workers. It details the lack of regulations on the biotech industry resulting in serious public health and safety threats. His story provides a clear case documenting the lack of safety rights, lack of rights to access pertinent exposure records for healthcare and the lack of directed medical care for the injured biotech worker. Conflicts of interests between government, doctors and private industry add to the difficulties that David Bell faced, making it impossible for him to receive directed healthcare for his exposure or to have legal remedies through civil action, worker’s compensation, OSHA or any other government agency.

David Bell’s story is a testimony to the fact that Biotech workers have no rights to safety or healthcare and remain abandoned by government and the biotech industry.

After nine years, David is still struggling to discover what he was exposed to at Agraquest which has made him so sick. His story brings to light serious public health concerns, not only for worker, but for the community at large.

See David Bell’s interview hosted by Mr. Steve Zeltzer (Labor on the Job)

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