Thursday, February 5, 2009


With so much public outrage and emotions and ethical debate over the recent birth of octuplets from a 33- year old woman who underwent IVF treatment, why the heck is this IVF clinic allowed to remain anonymous?

Something smells fishy in the hen house.

Why did a woman with 6 children get paid to undergo fertility treatments resulting in octuplets? What's even more interesting is...who paid her? Did she receive payment in compensation to provide extra eggs to the human embryonic stem cell community for research? Or did she perhaps undergo a new IVF infertility treatment in exchange for payment which inadvertently resulted in multiplication of the embryos? Or did this mysterious IVF clinic really transfer 8 embryos from test tube to mother against recommended safety guidelines?

One can only comment so much on the ethics of the situation; but without the facts, it is hard to know what to do or think about the situation. The public should demand answers.

It is the time for the IVF clinic to come out of hiding. The lack of transparency of the IVF clinic’s role is just bad science. They have had enough time to rearrange their paperwork and to get all their “eggs” in a row. Come out, come out, where ever you are....


  1. Thanks for posting this article. I wasn't aware of the IVF clinic and it's anonymous stature. That's odd

  2. I heard on the news that the grandmother is talking. Saying that her daughter (the mother) "just loves children, but she should have been a kindergarten teacher". And that only 2 eggs were implanted but they multiplied. The whole thing is weird. I have no idea what the laws are for IVF, nor if the law has kept up with IVF practices.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, you bring up an excellent point regarding the laws surrounding IVF clinics. It is my understanding, however, that there is little legal regulation on the IVF industry and instead they work only within self-policing “guidelines” comparable to the rest of the scientific community. Guidelines have no legal “teeth”. Companies, therefore, can do what they desire with little legal ramifications.

    When the IVF clinic can hide and remain anonymous and has no legal obligations to disclose their part in this scientific debacle, then society never gets to address the nuts and bolts of this serious problem. The IVF clinic may have collaborating clients, such as the research industry, that also may be involved in some unethical gain relating to this story. Much remains unknown.

    The fact that this IVF clinic is remaining anonymous says much. They are hiding something. One can only imagine the sound of all those paper shredders that must be in operation at this anonymous IVF clinic. I can hear them buzzing from here.

  4. It appears that The West Coast IVF Clinic, formerly West Coast Infertility Medical Clinic is the clinc that performed the IVF treatment for Nadya Suleman. Dr. Michael M. Kamrava heads this clinic. He refuses to admit or deny involvement at this time.

    See link: