Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bees acquired a contagious disease?

Colony Collapse Disorder has been blamed on numerous causes, though some scientists are looking at a virus called IAPV. See excellent post about this subject by Drew Hasselback....

Foundation Fights against Pfizer's Theft of Trade Secret and WINS!

Most companies and individuals, despite the fact that they have been wronged, cannot go up against monetary giants such as Pfizer due to lack of resources which causes inequities in obtaining a fair legal process. Therefore, companies like Pfizer continue to get away with scientific and business misconduct without any repercussions.

Not this time.

Pharmaceutical company, Pfizer was found guilty of stealing trade secrets from a non-profit medical foundation. Dr. Dennis Mangano, head of Ischemia Research and Education Foundation had to spend $15 million to fight against Pfizer’s unethical practices. Pfizer stole trade secrets, had unauthorized access to the foundation’s database and destroyed evidence pertinent to the trial. The verdict awarded the foundation $38 million.

Will this guilty verdict and a payment of $38 million be sufficient enough to motivate Pfizer to stop engaging in unethical business and scientific practices? Or will Pfizer just consider this their cost of doing business? What do you think?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Submitted by annon (not verified) on Thu, 12/18/2008 - 03:21.
A California biotechnology company that searches the world for the "novel" microorganism to be used in the place of chemical pesticides, insecticides, fungicides... etc. broke NUMEROUS federal and state laws when an employee got sick after only working 5 months and 9 days at the company.
It is Federal and California LAW that "knowing" or even a "suspicion" of a harmful effect to human health or the environment has occurred from a pesticide product (biological included) HAS TO BE REPORTED.
This was never done in this employee's case as it would have had a very negative impact on the company, ie: investors and put a stop (or at least a slowing down) of the company's registrations with the EPA.
This employee has 19 bacteria and fungus in either his blood, nose and/or sputum cultures and/or positive to HIGH POSITIVE IgG levels that are all related to the company. He has had 4 MAJOR sinus surgeries, countless other sinus procedures in physician offices, the loss of an intact immune system resulting in 3 years of IV immunoglobulin infusions every 28 days, and constant ongoing infections.
Still, this company is allowed to conceal what they have done.
And for the record, people don't understand that these biotech companies only have to "report" the "ACTIVE INGREDIENT" in their products.... some are as low as 0.07%, 1.34%. The "other" ingredients do not have to be disclosed to anyone. It would be advantageous for everyone to search the United States Patent Office for biotech companies patents. You will be surprised that the do in fact use "chemicals". It's in black and white.
How can we be assured that the new Secretary of Agriculture isn't going to be in bed with the biotech companies as has the Bush Administration? Is he going to open the EPA libraries? Is he going to suppress scientist's warnings as did Bush?
Only time will tell, but I truly hope and pray this administration has some ethics.
GMO's are not as safe as everyone is led to believe. Further evidence of this can be found in the pharmaceutical arena. Both industries merely plead "trade secrets" and don't have to be accountable or even comply with Federal and state Right-To-Know laws of hazards in the workplace (HAZ COM) (Hazard Communications).
When is this grievous practice going to stop? Don't the rights of the American worker mean anything anymore? Doesn't everyone have the right to "life", or is that up for debate depending on which profession one choses?

Monday, December 8, 2008


See the horrific story of David Bell and the illness he acquired after biological exposures at work at a biotech company.

This story documents unsafe biological practices at a company called Agraquest which develops microoganisms as pesticides. It is a story of the continued cover-up by the biotech industry and the inadequacy of our legal system to handle public health and safety issues from companies working with biological agents. It tells another continued failure of our workers compensation system and the inability of workers to obtain healthcare from exposures at work. It is a story of the unethical biotech industry and how monetary profits supersede human rights and workers rights.

Biotech Lab workers are becoming ill. They are being abused, terminated and abandoned. The public heath and safety dangers from the biotech industry are being silenced by our legal, media and corporate system. Conflicts of interest, greed and power have created a dangerous working environment within the biomedical and biotech communities. It is a public health threat with no remedy in sight.