Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SAFETY OR MONEY WHILE ON THE JOB? Do you have a choice?

In a statement in an article entitled, US Oil Workers Reach Wage Terms; Criticise Industry’s Overall Safety , the United Oil Workers said,

“Rather than launch a national strike over health and safety that would have hurt the American people at a time of economic crisis, the USW withdrew its health and safety proposal and focused on the economic package.”

Do you think that the United Steelworkers (USW) were ethically correct to focus their negotiations on their economic package while disregarding serious health and safety problems in the workplace?

Do you think in our dire times of economic woe that more and more employers will subject their workers to unsafe work conditions because they can?

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  1. We can employ the all thoe who were fired, layed or outsourced for decades to clean up the earth that has been poisoned by superfund-brownfiled sites and the biotech industry. We aren't going to have any choice.