Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Genetically Engineered Salmon Is Going to Market_FDA calls it safe_Public has no rights

A genetically engineered (GE) salmon which grows twice as fast as natural salmon claims to be safe by FDA.    Many critics questions the validity of the study and the conflict of interests within the FDA.

This GE salmon will be the first animal approved to be eaten as food.  Unfortunately, the American people still do not have rights to have their food properly labeled as GE or not. 

The GE salmon have been modified with the addition of two genes:  one is linked to the production of growth hormone and the other it to ensure continued growth through cold temperatures.  The picture of the two salmon denotes the difference between large GE salmon and its natural counterpart which is the same age.

Critics also are frightened that these GE fish could escape into the environment causing havoc for natural salmon.  Containment of animals and organism can be problematic.  Remember the killer bees?





See this recent updated post by CRG entitiled "Fishy business at the FDA".

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