Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bioethical Issues on Human Embryonic Stem Cell (3)_for the student and the school class

Bioethics is a study of the philosophical and ethical controversies surrounding advances in biology and medicine.  Embryonic stem cell research is a bioethical issue because it requires the use and destruction of human embryos.  Some people feel that this is not right, not ethical.  Some even feel it is not moral, that is, against their religious beliefs.  Many people are ambivalent and have contradictory attitudes about if this is right or wrong.  Others believe nothing is unethical or immoral about human embryonic stem cell research.

See the video below to try to understand some of the bioethical issues and scientific issues behind embryonic stem cell research:

How does Dr. Cohen (on left) answer the question..."Do we expect to see significant impacts on cures for diseases using stem cell research within the next 10 years?

What study of diseases may benefit  in using stem cell research?

What does Dr. Cohen say is a scientific limitation to using embyronic stem cells? 

What does Dr. Cohen say may be one of the problems in giving embryonic stem cells to patients?

There are three type of stem cells that scientists research.  Can you identify these three types of stem cells discussed in this video?

Does morality come down to a sense of proportionality?  That is, if you do something that causes more good than harm, can you then say that it is ethical and moral? Can you explain why this is a relevant issue with embryonic stem cell research?  What does Fr. Pacholczyk say about moral proportionality?

Do you understand what it means to clone human beings?  Do you understand what it means to gestate cloned human embryos?  What does our law say about cloning human beings?  Where does the law draw the line?

Can you find which company in California is alleged to have cloned human beings?

Why does Dr. Cohen talk about cell reprograming?  Why does that solve some ethical issues related to embryonic stem cell research?  Why does Fr. Pacholczyk say it might be safer also?

What factors do you think are important for responsible and ethical research in US?

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