Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dead Bodies Pile Up

On average 14 workers die a day from work-related injuries.

And the dead bodies pile up ...every day.

These piles of dead workers go unnoticed by the public because these fatalities usually occur one at a time...fourteen times a day.

What shocks us is that these 14 deaths a day are mostly preventable.

But that does not matter. Political power keeps labor on its knees. Industry gloats with hubris and disregard for safety. Laws become weaker and weaker. For example, the median penalty for a company that kills an employee out of negligence is only $3,675. Not a big deterrent for anyone.

Thus, 14 men and woman die needlessly every day…and the next day ..and the next. And the dead bodies pile up. And the public doesn’t get it…until it hits home…with a lost family member.

A big problem lies with OSHA. Pulled by political agend, OSHA has been castrated, toothless legally.

OSHA has no real authority to keep workers safe or safeguard them against retaliation for raising safety 14 workers continue to die, piling up by one... by one each day.

An article by Tom O’ Connor offers some suggestions to strengthen OSHA’s position. He makes a solid point, that in the end, it all is political.

And, that is the battle we face...
as the dead bodies of workers pile up.

Read O’Connors’ article entitled “The Workplace Kills 14 Per Day—One By One"

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