Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It is amazing to me how much scientific propaganda, euphemisms, gibberish and skillful verbal engineering are used to promote the scientific agenda with disregard to public health and safety and bioethics. So I intend to post a “Scientific Propaganda” series every so often to enlighten the public toward intentional misinformation.

Below is an example of Scientific Propaganda Tactic #1:

The Business Journal recently published an article asking Robyn Shapiro the following question concerning regulations imposed upon human embryonic stem cell research performed in private industry:

Q. For embryonic stem cell research going on in the private sector, are there rules or guidelines those researchers must follow?
Robyn Shapiro's answer: “The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates this kind of research. It’s ironic, but at the end of January, the FDA gave approval for the first clinical trial use of embryonic stem cells in spinal cord conditions, so 10 patients are in that trial. I think (the FDA) spent a year looking at that, but that is, of course, privately funded research.”

(From Ms. Shapiro’s answer one gets the impression that private industry is stringently regulated. Wrong!)

The more complete answer should have been:
There are no regulations on the private sector in regards to human embryonic stem cell research except at the human clinical trial level. The FDA regulates private industry only during human clinic trials, but not basic research or developmental research. This lack of regulation includes the access and research use of the human embryo. Dangerous embryonic stem cell research is occurring in private industry; but it remains unseen and hidden since the private sector is under no federal regulations or obligation toward oversight. Private industry very often uses trade secret abuse to avoid public criticism and disclosure. Ethical and safety oversight is impossible in private industry since they are not regulated at the basic research level.
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  1. Good for You!! We all need to be more aware of the techniques being used against the public to conditon, deceive and control. Removing the cover under which the perpetrators operate, makes it impossible for them to continue enslaving the public. Knowledge is power...which is why they use propaganda and lies, to keep the knowledge away from us. So we needn't be afraid of the truth. Instead we have to embrace it. "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Well...the truth might very well “make you free”. But if ever the public discovers the scientific misconduct, the cover-ups and lack of care for public health and safety that is being perpetuated within the scientific community in alliance with close ties to lawmakers, policy makers and government officials, the truth may very well set the public on fire instead.

    The current self-policing policies and “guidelines” (not regulations) that the scientific community uses, gives them the ability to avoid public scrutiny, avoid transparency and avoid telling the truth. The public remain ignorant of the “dual purpose” technologies being developed right in their own community with no regulatory oversight. It is a dirty little secret, kept under wraps, while workers become ill and even die. The scientific community denies responsibility and the public remains blinded to dangers that basic research imposes upon worker safety and public safety.

    And that is how the scientific community wants to keep it. The scientific community, especially those involved with genetic engineering technologies, embryonic stem cell research and nanotechnology are using all types of propaganda tactics in order to instill a false sense of public confidence to avoid any type of regulations and oversight. They are desperate to continue their self-policing policies without regulations, giving them power to advance science at the expense of public health and safety and to keep the public ignorant and out of their hair.

    Whether the truth will “set us free” or “set us on fire” is not the burning issue. The pertinent issue is the public’s lack of rights to see the truth. In a regulatory environment where the scientific community continues to work within self-policing “guidelines’, without transparency to the public, the truth has been and will continue to be easily hidden.

    Demand regulations and transparency on both academic and private research institutes. It is a matter of serious concern for your safety and your children’s safety.