Friday, April 3, 2009

Chimeric Animals On the LOOSE! Another Stem Cell Technology!

Pigs with human blood… mice with human brains…sheep with human livers and hearts! How about mice producing human sperm? It’s science and it’s real. It’s the chimeric animal (a union of two of more species in one body). And yes, it is being done today in labs around the world. It’s all part of the embryonic stem cell movement, all in the name and glory for the advancement of science.

Although some scientist say that the creation of chimeric animals can aid in medical breakthroughs, this research carries both ethical and safety risks. But strangely, this controversial research is being kept under the radar screen and isn’t getting any media attention.

Here is one fun and crazy spooky spoof, however, that takes the idea of chimeric animals to new heights! Check out the youtube video on Qualcomm.

(FYI: the posted picture of the chimeric pig-human isn’t real…its ART!. Didn’t want you to freak.)

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