Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Biomedical Industrial Complex: Pfizer Networks with Law Firms and Gives Report Cards

From the AM Law Daily:

"...Over the last year, Pfizer's legal team has developed a ranking system for matters handled by outside firms. They are graded on performance issues ranging from substantive knowledge to responsiveness to willingness to collaborate. Twice a year, Pfizer gives each firm a report card--and then grades them on how well they take the feedback. "We learned a lot about firms," she says, "by whether they welcomed the feedback or responded by saying, 'You got it wrong.'" Pfizer has sought other ways to make the links tighter. Each firm has an in-house relationship partner. Pfizer encourages secondments and has recruited with two firms at law schools, looking for associates who will split their time between the firm and the company." 

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