Thursday, October 22, 2009


In a disturbing article published in the LA TIMES regarding amputations and deaths due to workplace injuries, it is apparent that OSHA remains inadequate to protect worker’s rights and safety.

Excerpts from the article state that “…employers learn they can 'game the system.' " …” the OSHA process is stacked against regulators and employees.”

What happens is that companies appeal any violation that have been cited against them and the appeals board often dismisses or reduced fines. Coerced settlements are used also.

"The (appeal) board's actions have done more than save companies money. They have undermined Cal-OSHA's efforts to prevent future accidents, according to labor advocates, inspectors and state documents. "

OSHA's inability to enforce violations and to correct unsafe work conditions, unfortunately, has led to documented repeated injuries, deaths and amputations at companies that had been previously cited for workplace safety violations, but later dismissed by the board of appeals.

California OSHA’s appeal board had a backlog of 2500 cases indicating a serious problem with worker safety. There is pressure to dismiss these cases in order to get them off the docket.

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  1. See, sometimes it is not the fault of OSHA why there are injuries and accidents in the workplace. It could be the employers fault or even the employee. The standards and guidelines from OSHA along with their safety training programs are just there to help make sure that each and everyone of them does every precaution and steps in increasing safety awareness in the workplace.

    1. The issue here is not that OSHA caused accidents directly. The issue, rather, is OSHA is not adequately enforcing violations to correct unsafe work conditions. Nor does OSHA give workers the protection that is promised via the statute. The law is weak and companies are politically influential, making OSHA inept at protecting workers and public health and safety. An OSHA 10 hour training will not correct the problem.