Friday, July 31, 2009

Pfizer Pays to Have Criminal Charges Dropped

Someone once said...yes...we live by the Golden Rule...."those with the gold, make the rules." Unfortunately, this is the case with Pfizer, the largest and wealthiest pharmaceuitical company in the world. In a story from the Washington Post, ten Pfizer executives and scientists avoid criminal charges for allegations of murdering African children by offering a "Pfizer Pot of Gold".

In 1996 Pfizer had instituted an illegal clinical trial in Nigeria using a dangerous drug called Trovan. Even when Pfizer in-house physician, Dr. Juan Walterspeil, had warned the Pfizer CEO that the trial was unethical, Pfizer terminated Walterspeil and moved ahead with the trial, resulting in many children permanently disabled and 11 children dead.

What was the price Pfizer paid to avoid sending the culprits to jail? $75 million.


  1. We need to begin realizing that government and corporations are machines, not individul people who care about us. Corporations are meshed with the Government. I believe this is called fascism. This is why I feel that government/corporate run healthcare will be very dangerous.

  2. watchdogonscienceAugust 1, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, your comment about “corporate and government machines” has many Americans concerned, especially when the government allows corporations to get away with murder.

    Until the government starts putting these corporate “machine operators” behind bars for such criminal behavior, human rights will continue to take a backseat to corporate profits. And the ripple effect of losing human rights hits the American people right between the eyes, causing an increase of mistrust toward the government, a government who is suppose to protect those rights.

    Consequently, unethical relationships between corporations and government has increased mistrust in Americans and has made healthcare reform difficult for many Americans, like you, to accept.