Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Breakthrough in AIDS as virus's hiding places found (Indo Asian News Service)

In a major breakthrough for AIDS cure, Canadian scientists have finally found where the HIV virus hides in the human body to become impervious to medical treatment.
Led by Professor Rafick-Pierre Sekaly, researchers said they have found that the virus hides in "long-lived" memory cells in the human body. These memory cells, which have a long life just like the stem cells, lie sleepy in the body most of the time until they encounter a new virus or disease-causing agents. Like stem cells, these memory cells are also capable of replicating themselves. So when the AIDS enters them or attacks them, these memory cells multiply to defend the body. But the problem is that the once AIDS virus enters these memory cells, it also multiplies with them. Thus, during the current intense medication - which involves five to six drugs that can prolong life up to 13 years - for a patient, the AIDS virus retreats into these safe havens to stage an attack later. The researchers said they are finding ways to destroy the virus in its safe havens in the memory cells without harming the immune system. Their research is the "first clue" to eliminating the AIDS virus, said research leader Sekaly Sunday.There are over 33 million HIV patients worldwide, with 2.7 million more getting infected each year.

The research study has been published in the journal Nature Medicine.
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  2. AIDS has proven to be a major threat for human race, as no medication has been discovered as yet for treating this deadly disease. The only way one can slow down the destruction is by reducing the growth rate of the virus inside the body.