Monday, March 23, 2009

Stem Cells and Count Dracula

Today it was announced that scientists in Britain plan to invest to become the first to develop an unlimited amount of synthetic human blood for emergency use from spare human IVF embryos .

This of course brings up ethical discussions, but how about the scientific problems?

And what is this "synthetic" stuff about? Why are they called "synthetic" blood cells when they are made from embryonic stem cells of a human embryo? Are they going to clone animal parts into these “human embryonic stem cells-turned blood cells” making them synthetic chimeras? Or perhaps use nano-synthetic elements? Or maybe they will obtain these embryonic derived blood cells from eggs of the brood of Count Dracula making them "synthetic"? Sounds like the making of a great Sci Fi movie.

Nevertheless, I hope I am not the poor soul who has the emergency and needs to be pumped full of synthetic embryonic human blood cells as I lay unconscious on a gurney. There are too many dangers associated with embryonic stem cell technologies that are being kept from public.

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  1. It sounds as if science is again up to no good.

    Playing God is going to have negative results that the entire world will have to endure. We have seen this with genetically modified foods and living fungus and bacteria (bio-control products) being used on animal and human food crops as well as used for insect control.

    Let's see, we can all eat, get Salmonella or E Coli then count on synthetic blood to save us?

    As they say; Science will save the world or kill us all. (I believe the latter applies with the way things are going).

    WHEN is the world population going to put a stop to the MAD SCIENTISTS? We don't have to accept all of this, but EVERYONE has to stand up and find their voices.