Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dangers but no regulations in biotechnology and nanotechnology

The public remains oblivious to the public health and safety dangers in biotechnology. And the scientific community intends to keep it that way to avoid responsibility and regulation.

And now, as with biotechnology, nanotechnology with serious inherent dangers to worker safety and dangers to the public health in contaminating our air and water remains unregulated.

We continue to move forward developing 21st century state of the art technologies at the public’s expense, both in terms of public funding and at serious risks to their health. And at the same time new emerging disease and idiopathic illnesses increase, but are persistently being ignored. The public remains ignorant, abandoned and left in the dark.

Science is out of control regarding public health and safety.

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  1. The biggest threat is that if some public person other than a scientist expresses his safety concerns , scientists ignite a flak at him, trying to make him appear a fool,as if none other than a scientist qualifies to opine on a matter that bears a relation to science.This practice followed by a few guys in highly paid academic positions shall be termed 'Intellectual Fascism'.