Friday, May 9, 2008

Connecticut Legislation Disengaged from Public; Lyme Patients Silenced

A few months ago I attended a Connecticut legislative public meeting at the State Capital at the request of a friend who suffers from chronic Lyme Disease. The topic was on “Prevention of Lyme Disease”. The meeting consisted of a panel of roughly 5 legislators and 15 Lyme Experts. Approximately 150 members of the public were present, the majority being Lyme patients. The experts each gave a short presentation regarding the state’s role in preventing Lyme.

Not only was I amazed at the lack of sophisticated measures that have been undertaken by the State to prevent Lyme Disease, but also, I was appalled at the tight control of making sure the public had no opportunity to engage in any discussions at this so called public-legislative meeting. Neither the public nor any Lyme activist was allowed to speak. I had no idea that our state was so adamantly and purposely disengaged from the public and public opinion.

That leads me to this article entitled, “How To Give A Little More Power To The People”, by John J. Woodcock III published in the Hartford Courant on May 4, 2008. Check it out citizens of Connecticut. He gives some good advice.

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  1. Watchdog,
    This thing with the Lyme is off the charts. There is NO ONE willing to talk about it, and it is now truning into a, as my GP says, a Frankenstein Monster... !! And the reason, is only one thing, and that is PLUM. The ALS foundation has found it in their people, and it has been uncovered in Lupus and MS and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients,and many other malladies.It has now surpassed Hep-C and AIDS as NUMBER ONE ON THE HIT PARADE. And I am 'off the charts' pissed. There are now lies, cover-ups and attacks on good Physicians all over the Nation. All to cover the real story, and that is that our Government plopped a Nazi Tick doctor on Plum and now half the damned Nation is sick, and will probably get sicker before better. And the CDC is talking about SODA? MY GOD!!!!
    I am all for research, and now the research that should be done, is not being done! And moving Plum to the Kansas State Univ. is thee dumbest thing I have ever heard. I WANT THESE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR LYME, LOCKED UP! I want the island soaked in bleach then Napalmed,then Napalmed again to kill all this crap. Now they are saying that they cannot seem to even kill the spores there...My God! Science is GOOD. This is NOT and it is OUTRAGEOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE SCIENCE!
    I read the blog about the meeting in Hartford, re:lyme, and the people there were not even allowed to talk? Is this the US/ Are we not free to speak? It is a good thing I was not there...