Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biological Dangers in Your Own Backyard

Release of Foot and Mouth Virus from Laboratory in UK and Dangers in Your Own Backyard

If the accidentlal biological release of a Foot-and-Mouth Virus came from a laboratory which has regulations in place, you can imagine how unsafe the UNREGULATED laboratories are around the world.

Laboratories in every major research center and private pharmaceutical company in the United States are developing dangerous infectious genetically engineered (GE) microbes for research purposes. These laboratories are essentially unregulated and are not legally responsible to safely contain GE agents nor report that they are working with them. Don’t be surprised if one of these unregulated biological research laboratories operates near your home or your community without your knowledge.

Dangerous GE microbes that are created in the lab do not have to be communicable to cause disease. If you see increases in the prevalence of mystery illnesses, neurological disorders or cancers in your community, don’t discount a potential biological releases from your favorite major research institute as the cause. Laboratories which work on embryonic stem cell technologies can be especially precarious. Embryonic stem cell labs are frequently involved in developing dangerous genetic technologies to make disease-state cellular and animal models without appropriate oversight and safety controls.

You would shake in your boots if you really knew what type of GE organisms scientists are creating in test tubes these days without appropriate regulations or ethical responsibility. And they essentially are right in your own backyard.

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